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There is a difference between a dog training problem and a dog behavioural issue! One requires more instruction, repetition and reward where the other may need time, gradual desensitization and even medication. If you have a dog who is su ...

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sit and stay

A Trainers Free Advice

  A lifetime of living, learning and training dogs has given me a pretty clear understanding of how to motivate a dog to do what I want! Regardless of a dog’s past I can help it live a better life. Whether I am dealing with a recent ...

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leash free parks

Dog Park Wars?

Do or don’t go to a Leash Free Park? I have always maintained avoid leash free parks at all costs. Yet many well adjusted fun loving pets visit these parks daily.  I don’t deny the need for play, freedom and fun.  It is the risk of ru ...

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Cat Cino on the beach

Surf City Surf Dog

There are a few things in this world I can't live without! My family, travel, dogs and the beach and not necessarily in that order. ...

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Do you struggle with your Dog's behaviour?

Even if you feel like you've already tried everything, we can help!

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