You’re a ‘Blue’ Dog!

Congratulations your dog scored higher in the blue category!

Generally these dogs are best suited in homes that accept their quirkiness and allow them to be their best! They need people who are patient with low expectations. As this type of dog may view obedience training as an insult to their intelligence and generally won’t be easily manipulated!

Don’t be discouraged if you still have a passion for training. Get involved with a sport that uses their best trait or strongest drive. There are many fun programs that will incorporate training with activity. Since these dogs don’t do as well with force or pressure, they need to accept what you are asking of them and not obey what you are telling them. Whether it is a trick class, fly-ball or dancing with your dog there is something for every duo! Blue dogs are also great candidates for self-governing type jobs that are physically active. Such as scenting and guarding positions as they are determined and diligent. Trainers don’t usually pick a blue dog for demonstration as this can leave you looking rather foolish. It takes a special person to develop a functional working relationship with a dog who prefers to makes his own decisions. I have found most owners of blue dogs to be successful when they understand there is going to be more giving than taking.

No matter what type of type of activity you and your dog get involved in the magic occurs when you respect and enjoy yourselves. Training doesn’t have to be about obedience. It is about communication! I encourage you to drop the mainstream expectations (sit, come, down, stay, heel) while you focus on increasing your dog’s vocabulary. This will help increase the trust and respect both ways!

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