You’re a ‘Red’ Dog!

Congratulations! A Red dog is best described as being more tactile than serious thinker

Or as some would say “shiny”, easily distracted with a short attention span! This type of dog is great for active people who are enthusiastic about dog training!

Since these dogs are more reactive than responsive your training program must reflect that. Don’t be turned off by their selective hearing and tons of stamina because this type of dog is meant for greatness. All Red dogs have the potential to be incredible working dogs. Even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working for you! The best approach should have a balance of both positive and negative direction (not correction). It’s necessary to understand when you are negatively influencing your dog during a training session. Red dogs are really a breeze to train once you figure out their primary motivator. Sometimes it’s the obvious food, toys or praise but yours might need a little extra something. Some of my favourite red dogs needed a quick little play session between each task being asked of them. This helped me use their boundless energy and persistence to work for me and not against me. The reward should be what keeps his focus not signifies that it’s over.

Without proper direction, your dog can become exhausting! However, in the right hands, they can shine like a movie star or be as reliable as a police canine. Discover your dog’s potential and believe me when I say a red dog is a true diamond in the rough! My own demo dogs were so calm and content you would have thought they were seniors during the prime of their life! They lied down during meals, never chased other animals and showed incredible patience under some difficult situations. Only dogs without direction waste energy!

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