You’re a ‘Yellow’ Dog!

Congratulations and wow, your dog scored highest on his social skills

These are what we refer to as Yellow dogs since they shine like the sun. They are often happiest with your company, easiest to train and charming to be around. A yellow dog makes a perfect companion!

However, like all good relationships you both need to be on the same page. If your ideal companion was a chill BFF who binge watches Netflix but you found yourself with a fun-loving frat boy with a need for speed you may both be craving a little more. Since frustration and boredom produce more energy a compromise is in your best interest. My best advice is to put the remote down and join the party. A dog who seeks tons of attention and thrives on applause is the epitome of a perfect demo dog! But if you’re lacking a good sense of humor and a lifestyle to fulfill it you might find yourself more annoyed than amused. The goal is to accept your dog’s silly antics and then know how to shape it into desirable behavior. A yellow dog will need more positivity when training so just approve the good stuff and leave the rest to fizzle out!

Yellow dogs make for some pretty impressive canine ambassadors! They are guide dogs, therapy dogs and hold many other benevolent roles in our society. These amazing individuals were born great, molded perfectly by their training and then given to the rest of us as a gift. If you are ever fortunate to enjoy the companionship of a yellow dog you are truly blessed!

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